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The robot’s tests have been taken from 11th to 15th August 2013 at the Caspian Sea.

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An oil spill cleanup robot is being developed at RTS Lab, News about the robot will be published soon.

Pars is an Aerial robot which is designed and made for saving human lives. The first purpose of building the robot is the relief of people drowning near coastlines.



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  • Pars featured on Product Design & Development(PDD) TV show Engineering Newswire 66: World's Tallest Waterslide Now 17-Stories High rescuing swimmers with robots Watch
  • Pars featured on ConnectedLife TV show Lifeguard drone PARS, invented by Iran's RTS Labs, is an aerial drone armed with life-preservers that it can drop down to swimmers in need of a rescue. Watch
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2013 pars rescue robot on discovery channel, Daily Planet A flying robot that’s headed out to sea to save lives, exploding bubbles, and new answers in a mystery from the earliest days of aviation. Watch
  • Pars tests at Caspian sea In the name of God Pars rescue robot has been tested for the first time By hearing news about drowning’s at the Caspian Sea (north of Iran), we thought of finding a solution of saving human lives at the sea. For solving the problem, at the first step, we developed a surface rescue robot at RTS Lab as shown in the figure 1, the robot can be drove both manually and by radio control by the lifeguard to move towards the incident. If the victim was conscious he could catch the barriers and comes back and if not the lifeguard had to first find the victim from beneath water then throw him on the device and then return to the…