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About the company

RTS is the first company to develop an aerial drone for sea rescue missions. The company’s priority is to increase life conditions by using new technologies.


As engineering graduates, the founders of RTS Ideas have proven many times in the past that they have the skills to develop revolutionary products. RTS plans to continuously add on new features and expand the range of products to cater for different needs in the market.


RTS’ consistently high quality offerings are able to help organisations to achieve rescue goals at an affordable price.


The future of drones

About Roboguard

Launch 1 September 2015
each year 372,000 people drown worldwide

RTS Ideas is developing a technology that could actually save lives by decreasing the time needed to reach drowning people and that could also save more than one sinking person at a time.

Roboguard, RTS Ideas’ new aerial drone technology, has been designed to save human lives via rescue missions near coastlines. Lifeguards or rescue team members can fly the drone over the victims with a radio control. The drone, carrying cameras and rubber life tubes, can be sent out by lifeguards from the shore, rescuing drowning individuals quicker than humans.

  • land and take off from water
  • Maximum Speed: 7.5m/s
  • release 3 life tubes
  • Waterproof body


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